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Preventive Dental Services in Hewlett

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Hewlett Dental Excellence provides preventive dentistry in Hewlett, NY. Call 516-569-5566 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

What Is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry refers to procedures that prevent common oral health problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease. The goal of preventive dentistry is to maintain the health of your natural teeth so that they last for the rest of your life. Routine preventive dental care, which primarily consists of teeth cleanings and oral examinations every 6 months, promotes optimal oral health.

Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

  • Prevent cavities. Professional teeth cleanings remove plaque that causes cavities. Even if you brush your teeth twice a day, plaque can still form in places that are hard to reach and see.
  • Maintain gum health. Teeth cleanings and oral exams also help to prevent gum disease or to detect it in the early stages for easier treatment.
  • Covered by insurance. Most dental insurance plans cover preventive dentistry, often at 100%.
  • Keep your natural teeth for life. Preventive dentistry preserves your natural teeth so that you can keep them in place throughout your life for natural function and appearance.
  • Save money. Preventive dentistry can save you money by preventing the need for more complex and costly dental procedures.

Why Choose Hewlett Dental Excellence?

At Hewlett Dental Excellence you’ll feel like part of the family. We know your name when you walk through the door and always greet you with a warm welcome. Our approach to dentistry is patient-centered. We treat the whole patient, not just your mouth, taking your overall health and wellness into consideration with every treatment decision. We strive to provide a comfortable, relaxing environment that helps patients feel at ease. With over 40 years serving families in the community of Hewlett, we have treated multiple generations of patients, building lasting relationships.

Procedures Offered

Comprehensive Evaluation / Oral Examination

Comprehensive Evaluation

A routine dental visit includes a comprehensive oral examination of your teeth and mouth. This includes an oral cancer screening to identify any abnormalities. It may also include dental X-rays for detection of cavities or other oral health concerns.

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Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning

A routine dental visit also includes a dental cleaning, which involves the removal of plaque and a thorough polishing of your teeth.

Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants may be applied to teeth that are at a high risk of cavities, such as those with deep pits or grooves. A thin layer of composite material is used to create a more even surface that is easier to keep clean.

Fluoride Treatment

Flouride Treatment

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that hardens enamel. Fluoride treatments may be applied to make your teeth more resistant to decay.

Custom Oral Appliances

Custom Oral Appliances

Custom oral appliances can be created to protect the teeth from the effects of teeth grinding or for sports. Mouth guards made by your dentist are more comfortable, less bulky, and offer more effective protection.

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Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and Root Planning

When gum disease is present, scaling and root planing may be necessary to remove plaque from under the gums and smooth the root surface for improved gum attachment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Preventive Dentistry

How often should I go to the dentist?
For optimal oral health, everyone should go to the dentist at least every 6 months for dental cleanings and oral evaluations. Patients with severe or chronic gum disease may need more frequent deep cleanings to keep the infection under control.
Do adults need fluoride treatments?
Fluoride treatments are most often recommended for children’s teeth because they are still developing. However, adults can still benefit from fluoride treatments to prevent tooth decay and even reverse early cavities.
Can preventive dentistry save me money?
Yes, preventive dentistry can save you money. If you have dental insurance, preventive care is fully covered in most cases. And getting regular professional dental care can prevent common dental problems or detect them early for much simpler and cost effective treatment.
Why do I need to go to the dentist twice a year?
Dental visits every 6 months is the average time frame that works for most people. The average patient will develop some plaque on their teeth between cleanings and it is in the best interest of your oral health to have it removed before it hardens. Hardened plaque, called tartar or calculus, is much more difficult to remove and is more likely to cause tooth decay and gum disease.
When is scaling and root planing necessary?
Your dentist may recommend scaling and root planing if plaque has formed under the gums or if there are signs of gum disease. It is considered a deep cleaning of teeth and may be referred to as periodontal maintenance when it is performed on a regular schedule.
How do I know if I have a cavity?
Small cavities may not cause any noticeable symptoms. These are typically detected during a comprehensive oral evaluation, often through X-Ray images. Larger cavities may cause you to develop a toothache or just extreme sensitivity in a certain tooth.
How often should I brush and floss my teeth?
We recommend brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day. Brushing and flossing at home between regular dental visits can prevent tooth decay and gum disease. And your dental hygienist will have much less scraping to do.

Preventive Dentistry at Hewlett Dental Excellence in Hewlett

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